Hashstack update: Week of September 20, 2021

  1. Hashstack got accepted into Miro for startups & Mongodb for startups. These programs will enable Hashstack sustain a frugal development approach.
  2. Open protocol contracts were completed over the weekend. When we first started writing code, we began to work in Bitbucket with Jira. We will migrate the contracts to github this week.
  3. Successfully airdropped 10,000 STACK tokens to the Hashstack community for their patronage.

Goals for this week.

  1. Deploy Open protocol to testnet. Launch bounty program. Connect with contract auditors. Our team has already begun sending interest emails to auditing firms including the likes of Certik.
  2. Launch two community development programs — Weekly rewards program & Inner circle.
  3. Wireframes for the Dapp will be completed this week. We hope to start building the ui from the next week.
  4. And most importantly, we continue to interview potential candidates join our team. Below are the roles we look to fill as an immediate priority.

Open positions

  1. Solidity engineer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/solidity-engineer
  2. Technical writer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/technical-writer
  3. Front-end developer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/front-end-developer

About Hashstack

Hashstack provides autonomous financial products for a borderless economy.

Open protocol

DeFi lending can be 10x better, if only under-collateralised lending is implemented. Unfortunately, the anonymity nature of defi prohibits a generic method of facilitating under-collateralised loans. Open protocol addresses this exact predicament. Open enables under-collateralised lending with 1:3 CDR.

  1. https://hashstack.finance/papers/Open-protocol-v0.2.pdf



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