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3 min readJun 25, 2022


It’s already been a year since we announced Hashstack to the world. Time flies by fast. Over the course of this period, we are fortunate to have achieved few major milestones, but more so than that the validation of our product — Open, built on the protocol standard by the same name.

With this traction, a thought occured — Are we, as an organisation, effectively communicating our core intent throughout all accessible media? This thought lead to the realization of a new brand identity, perhaps a revamped logo that captures Hashstack’s vision more intuitively.

But, the current logo is so so good?

On a high-level, Hashstack’s current logo can be perceived as a top-view of a stack of geometrical shapes, with edges refined as we journey towards the top.

The base component, resonating a tilted square/rhombus depicts unrefined, complex approach of today’s defi in solving user problems; waiting to be smoothened. Through Hashstack, we intend to simplify a user’s experience to access & use decentralised applications in time. In a utopian society one would expect a well oiled ecosystem of infrastructure layers, and dapps; super intuitive. However, there was a problem.

As the edges of the rhombus-like shape diverge away from the corresponding text — Hashstack, it created excessive negative space both on top & bottom portions between the logo icon & the brand text. This resulted in an often misperception of the icon being disproportionately larger than the text.

How does the new logo solve this problem?

If you recall the problem statement, we needed a newer identity that’s both laymen intuitive, & communicative of the brand’s core mission.

To build critical infrastructure necessary to further the usability of decentralised finance.

This required us to work with common shapes. We locked H.

In its mission to improve the usability of DeFi, Hashstack’s mission would effectively lead it towards becoming a gateway to a plethora of opportunities. If we dissect the alphabet H horizontally, we are left with two ‘U’ like shapes inverse to each other. The joint between the two shapes is to be perceived as a connection bridge between an end-user and the world of possibilities through decentralised finance.

We have upgraded the colour schema as well by switching to a gradient of blue & purple to represent the freshness of thought, and approach towards pertinent defi problems. This approach is in large contrast to the more common colour schema associated with fintech — Yellow, green, blue.

Hashstack’s new logo

The font

We have continued with the Avenir font from the sans-serif family. Avenir a good alternative to Open Sans, Montserrat fonts; is easy on the eyes.

About Hashstack

Hashstack builds critical infrastructure necessary to further the usability of decentralised finance. Our first product, Open is a non-custodial, money market protocol enabling secure, under-collalteralised loans on the blockchain.

Through Open, one can borrow upto 3 times their collateral. A 4.28x borrow power on your collateral, against every market player such as Compound, MakerDao, Aave.

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A non-custodial money market protocol enabling secure under-collateralised loans on the blockchain. Website- https://hashstack.finance