Updates from Hashstack’s second Community connect

2 min readMar 4, 2022


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At Hashstack, we hosted our second community connect yesterady, after a gap of few months. While the conversations were fun, crisp & most importantly, constructive, we regret to not have hosted more such engagements in the recent times.

The calendar invites were sent to the first 10 registrants from the community, an hour preceeding the call. The interactions lasted for 30 odd minutes. The discussions were primarily centered around the state of the product. Getting to know some members of our team.

For those who missed, here is a quick recap.

  1. The Open protocol testnent was rolled out 3 weeks ago. We received about 15 bug notifications; of which, 12 are resolved. 3 remain to be worked.
  2. We have received preliminary audit report from Certik. Working on the findings. We hope to receive a final audit report by the end of this month.
  3. We have worked on the process gaps, & made protocol level enhancements as a part v 0.2.1(update). Although, we planned ot release it today. We may need another working day to tie up the loose ends.
  4. We have onboarded 2 new members to the team this week.
  5. And, we are finally back in the office. It’s so so good.

With the release of update v0.2.1, we switch our focus towards building mainnet capabilities for the Open protocol.

On a different note, we had an exciting news that grabbed eye balls across the defi ecosystem.

Hashstack has raised a 1Million USD in its recently concluded seed round. We have been fortunate to attract some of the smart money in this space.

How to participate in community Thursdays

  1. Register on this link: https://airtable.com/shrZcaUShckKgwUaa

About Hashstack

Hashstack provides autonomous financial products for a borderless economy.

Open protocol

DeFi lending can be 10x better, if only under-collateralised lending is implemented. Open protocol addresses this exact predicament. Open enables under-collateralised lending with 1:3 CDR. Through Hashstack’s Open protocol, a borrower can take a loan upto 3 times their collateral. Meaning, you can borrow $300 against $100 collateral. In perspective, on incumbent lending protocols such as Compound, you can borrow $70 by providing $100 security/collateral. Makes little sense.

  1. Whitepaper summary
  2. https://hashstack.finance/papers/Open-protocol-v0.2.pdf
  3. Github




A non-custodial money market protocol enabling secure under-collateralised loans on the blockchain. Website- https://hashstack.finance