Updates from Hashstack’s first community connect

what is community connect?

Community connect is a weekly, or bi-weekly f2f interaction between Hashstack & members from its community. Through this interaction, Hashstack shares snippets of the products under development, capture early feedback thereby course correct while a product is still in development.

  1. Broke down the product to briefly covered the what and how, that is, the implementation of Open protocol.
  2. Hashstack is working on the token distribution plans. It however wants to ensure a working product in the market.
  3. This week, Hashstack is on track to launch a bounty program for Open protocol. Details will be announced soon. Bug bounty will diversify our efforts to identify critical bugs.
  4. We are updating the website landing page, as well as implement v0.1 of web application design standard over a period of 2–2.5 weeks.
  5. $100 USDC was distributed equally between 10 participants.

How to participate

  1. Register on this link: https://forms.gle/6ipJJ7CGaWHQWabr9

Open positions

  1. Solidity engineer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/solidity-engineer
  2. Technical writer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/technical-writer
  3. Front-end developer — https://docs.hashstack.finance/openings/front-end-developer

About Hashstack

Hashstack provides autonomous financial products for a borderless economy.

Open protocol

DeFi lending can be 10x better, if only under-collateralised lending is implemented. Open protocol addresses this exact predicament. Open enables under-collateralised lending with 1:3 CDR. Through Hashstack’s Open protocol, a borrower can take a loan upto 3 times their collateral. Meaning, you can borrow $300 against $100 collateral. In perspective, on incumbent lending protocols such as Compound, you can borrow $70 by providing $100 security/collateral. Makes little sense.

  1. https://hashstack.finance/papers/Open-protocol-v0.2.pdf
  2. Github



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