Invite & Earn — Community incentive program

2 min readMay 16, 2022

Over the past several months while our entire team was buried deep into product building, our small community — Hashfam, as we like to call continued to thrive & grow organically. This growth was predominant particularly after the launch of our public testnet. Our community’s proactive participation helped us accelerate product feedback cycles through in-app feedbacks, participation in discord Townhall & Twitter spaces, and feedback channels within the community.

It is because of this support, we are humbled to have locked USD 200Mn equivalent liquidity within 2 weeks of our public testnet. With an intent to nurture this enthusiasm, we are proud to announce a community incentive program(CIP). Through the CIP, we at Hashstack, will be rolling out a series of growth experiments designed to incentivise your participation.

With this thought, we are announcing our first community incentive campaign- Invite & earn. This is as straightforward as it sounds.

Invite & Earn — Discord invite program

Invite & Earn(InE) incentivises the community members who help Hashstack reach wider audience, by inviting their primary & secondary connections to the Hashstack’s discord community.

Here’s how you can participate

  1. Join Hashstack’s discord community. Link:
  2. After you onboard, create your unique referral link by clicking on the button Invite people(Hashstack community > Invite people), as shown in the below images.

3. Submit your wallet, your discord username & your discord referral link —

4. Invite.


A total of 40 winners will share a reward pot of 1,000 USDT

  1. Ranking 1: 100 USDT
  2. Ranking 2 to 10: 50 USDT each
  3. Ranking 11 to 40: 15 USDT each

Contest rules

  1. This contest runs for a total of 10 days, & concludes on 31st May 11:59pm GMT.
  2. Anyone can access the invite leaderboard by navigating to Server-Rankings >> Invite-rewards. Here’s a direct link:
  3. Winners will be announced on 01st June, on our official twitter handle:




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