Introducing Hashstack’s Content Creator Program (CCP)

4 min readApr 18, 2024


Hello Hashfam, brace yourself to unleash creativity!

We are introducing the “Content Creators Program (CCP)”, a campaign in which anyone can showcase their creativity by generating content about Hashstack.

The Content Creators Program (CCP)

  • A campaign in which creators generate content about Hashstack, covering different use cases, benefits, how others can get involved, etc.
  • This content may take the form of articles, threads, videos, memes, posts, documentation, etc.
  • These pieces aim to encourage readers to learn more about Hashstack.
  • Creators can use any language to create! In fact content in any language other than English automatically gets twice the points. More on the points system below.

Intention behind the program

The intention behind our Content Creators Program is to leverage the unique talents and creativity of creators to showcase our dApp in diverse and engaging ways. Our goal is not just to spread the word, but to build meaningful connections. We’re reaching out to creators to form a dynamic partnership. Together, we’ll create compelling content spanning articles, videos, memes, and more, that resonates with our audience and truly captures the essence of our dApp.

Incentives for campaign participants


Simply focus on creating content and aim to accumulate points! Enjoy the creative process and have fun in building up your points as you go!

How to earn points:

Content creators can earn fixed and variable points based on the type and quality of content created.

  1. Fixed points, on a scale of 1–100, are assigned based on the type of content. For example, an Instagram reel will get more points than a post, a full Youtube feature or tutorial on Hashstack will get more points than a mention in a video. There is a 2X multiplier automatically applied to non-English content to encourage multilingualism. Here’s a breakdown of the type of content and the fixed points you can earn for it:
  • Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram / Reddit Post = 20 points
  • Twitter Thread = 30 points
  • Instagram Reel / Youtube Short / TikTok Video = 40 points
  • Memes = 50 points
  • Youtube Video / Medium Article = 60 points
  • Youtube Feature / Medium Feature / Twitter Spaces = 100

2. Variable points, on a scale of 1–100, are assigned solely at the discretion of Hashstack’s team based on multiple criteria such as content relevance, engagement, educational value, quality, storytelling, originality, depth, and research.

Here are some examples of the Points Allocation System

Booster points! 5 community members who participate in the CCP will be chosen monthly based on their content and will receive 10x booster points for that month.

You can view your content activity and leaderboard in the dApp. Points earned from the CCP can be traded for governance tokens but more to come on that later!

Types of content ideas

  • How-to Tutorial: Comprehensive guide on supply, borrow, spend borrow and stake actions.
  • Benefits of using Hashstack.
  • Market news such as TVL, integrations, and partnerships surrounding Hashstack.
  • Writer’s opinion such as Hashstack’s Future, other integrations, growth potential.
  • Feature requests/ improvements we can have for Hashtack’s dApp.
  • Infographics on Hashstack.

How to participate in the Content Creators Program

  1. Sign up for the CCP by connecting your social media accounts. Click on ‘Connect Socials’ in the ‘Earn’ section at the bottom-middle of your ‘Dashboard’ in

a. You can connect up to seven social media accounts.

b. You can always re-enter and edit your social handles if there is a change.

2. Submit your content using the ‘Submit content for CCP’ button.

a. Choose the most relevant from a number of options such as Twitter (X) post, Youtube video, Medium article etc.

b. Just choose the ‘Other’ option if your choice of social media is not one of the options.

c. Make sure the social handle on the link you submit matches the above registered account.

Wait for your content details and points to appear on the leaderboard.

Resources to get you going


  • Variable points for your content are strictly assigned at the discretion of Hashstack’s team based on multiple criteria for judging.
  • Users can’t add more than 3 submissions per hour. This rule could be made more stringent to curb spam posts.
  • Duplicate submissions are prohibited and repeat offenders will be banned. For example, there is no need to submit a Twitter thread as a Twitter post as well. This is considered submitting duplicate content and such users will banned.
  • Only content created on or after Jan 01, 2024 will be eligible for the CCP. Good luck and…

Happy creating!




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