Solving the protocol risks during sell-cascade event

Understanding the sell-cascade event

DeFi lending solutions, & the role of Liquidators

Liquidators & Congested networks

Protocol risk amplifier — Listing illiquid coins

  1. Illiquid coins suffer the most value-loss during a sell cascade.
  2. They are difficult to liquidate.
  3. The demand for illiquid coins is seasonal.

Band-aid fix

Open’s solution

  1. Illiquid markets suffer the most value-loss against liquid markets.
  2. Total reliability on liquidators creates a single point of failure.
  3. Network congestion creates a liquidation-cascades, ergo high-slippages.
  1. Liquidations are processed by liquidators[default], and protocol[fail-safe, automated].
  2. Chain-switch oracle to navigate through network congestion issues.

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