Hashstack’s public testnet is live


  1. 4,156 unique wallets registered. 2,497 accounts were enabled access across various versions of the private testnet.
  2. Cumulative total value locked: $12Mn USD.
  3. Market utilisation rate: 45–60%
  4. Dominant market[deposits]: BTC
  5. Dominant market[loans]: USDT
  6. swap to loan ratio: 15–20%

Public testnet capabilities

  1. Network: BNB Chain.
  2. Faucet: Receive testnet tokens for BTC, USDT, USDC, BNB.
  3. All deposit functionality: deposit, earn savings apr, withdraw deposits.
  4. All borrow functionality: borrow, add collateral, swap & reverse-swap loan, withdraw partial loan, withdraw collateral, repay loan
  5. Liquidation: Any user with 2,500 USDT as fixed deposit of 3 month mcp is deemed liquidator. Protocol automated liquidation is not enabled in this version.


Where do we go from here?

Major break-through | Multi-chain dapp integration module

About Hashstack

Continue the discussion

  1. Discord: hashstack.community
  2. Twitter: twitter.com/0xHashstack
  3. BUIDL with us: github.com/0xHashstack



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A non-custodial money market protocol enabling secure under-collateralised loans on the blockchain. Website- https://hashstack.finance