Hashstack report — March, 2023

3 min readApr 3, 2023


March was a month of several major updates — from mainnet alpha going live, to improving community metrics, to laying the ground work for Hashstack’s Open protocol V1.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened within the Hashstack ecosystem in March 2023.

As usual we breakdown this article into 3 categories.

  1. Product
  2. Community
  3. Collaborations


On 1st March, Hashstack deployed the its Mainnet epoch0 aka Mainnet alpha on Starknet. This invite-only mainnet version is accessible to anyone through a waitlist. There are two ways to join the waitlist

  1. Hashstack’s dapp: app.hashstack.finance
  2. Spearmint: https://spearmint.xyz/p/hashstack

On the sidelines of the mainnet alpha, Hashstack launched a bug bounty program incentivising security researchers to discover & help Hashstack fix bugs of critical nature.

The third major focus area involved evaluating & preparing an implemention scope for Cairo 1.0.


Growth across the community and the socials were exponential. This much needed growth is a reflection of our commitment to periodically introspect and work on our shortcomings. Comparing to March’s performance with that of February’s . In March, our community grew by 42% in comparison to 2% in February. In March, we added 6,400+ members.

Total c2e task participants grew to over 5,400+, a 177% MoM increase over the previous month. This growth propelled the size of contributors from 400 to 1,950+, a monthly growth of 362%.

Across socials, our community blog on Medium grew by 3.125%. While the twitter fam base grew by 35% to 35.7k+. Twitter engagement grew by 15% to 9%.

The most active global language channels in our Discord community were China, Russia, and Turkey.


March saw over 16 collaborations with some amazing builders within the Starknet ecosystem. Hashstack had an opportunity to partner with Argent, Brine, Yagi, Redstone, Pragma(formerly Empiric network), Starkware, Starkscan, Briq, Clipper, Triality, StarkDeFi, Quill Audits, Herodotus both for twitter spaces and product Integrations 🤐

Before we conclude this report, here are some quick ways to be a part of our journey.

  1. Try Mainnet Alpha: app.hashstack.finance
  2. Become a contributor: crew3.xyz/c/hashstack




A non-custodial money market protocol enabling secure under-collateralised loans on the blockchain. Website- https://hashstack.finance