Guide to Hashstack’s mainnet waitlist

2 min readMar 15, 2023


This document serves as a 101 guide to your access to Hashstack’s mainnet. The current network constraints of Starknet restricts Hashstack from distributing its mainnet to a wider audience from day 1. This is a part of the reasons behind keeping Cairo 0.1 version of the mainnet to invite-only We expect this to improve with the re-genesis deployed to production. As specified, only select accounts are whitelisted in this alpha version of the mainnet.

To join the waitlist, you must register yourself at this link — You can also access this link from website.

On Spearmint connect your metamask wallet to ETH mainnet. and complete 3 simple steps to complete the registration.

  1. Connect twitter, discord — allows Spearmint to verify if you follow Hashstack on twitter, and joined Hashstack’s discord community.
  2. Provide Starknet account address — Address you would like to access Hashstack’s mainnet with.
  3. Provide email address — To verify you’re a real user.

Key points

  1. Only ETH wallets with at least 0.0001 ETH balance will be able to join the waitlist. Make sure, you’re connecting an ETH wallet that meets this minimum criteria. This in conjunction with email verification helps mitigate sybil.
  2. Spearmint does not have a native integration of Starknet compatible wallets. Hence, the need to connect with metamask.
  3. If you don’t have a Starknet wallet account, you can create one on ArgentX, or Braavos.
  4. Accounts will be whitelisted in batches, till a threshold of 1,000 accounts is met.

If you have trouble joining the waitlist, tag @moderator in the Hashstack’s discord community, or tweet to us @0xHashstack for quick resolution.




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