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2 min readMar 14, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that Hashstack( is one of the participating projects in the ongoing DeFi Spring campaign. The Starknet foundation has launched the DeFi spring campaign in collaboration with OpenBlock labs with an intent to drive usage, & liquidity for the participating projects. And, Hashstack is a proud to be a part of DeFi Spring.

For this campaign, the Starknet foundation has allocated 40 million STRK tokens, to be distributed over 6 to 8 months to the users of the participating projects. The incentives for lending dapps begin from Mar 14, 2024.

Hashstack V1 :

How can you earn $STRK?

You can farm STRK tokens through two methods

  • Suppliers: By providing liquidity on an eligible supply pool you will be able to earn STRK token(s).
  • Spenders (borrowers): All the pools on the spending side are eligible.

Eligible Pools

A variety of eligible pools await, catering to both suppliers and spenders:

  • Supply Tokens: USDC, USDT, ETH, STRK
  • Borrow Tokens: USDC, USDT, ETH, STRK
  • Spend Actions: All spends (Swaps and Liquidity provisions) on the spending side are eligible

For maximum benefits, the spenders on the Jediswap pool will earn the reward from both Jediswap and Hashstack.

Rewards split

The STRK tokens farmed are split between liquidity providers and borrowers in the ratio of 70:30. This approach allows Hashstack to incentivise liquidity providers(aka market makers), and borrowers to increase the utilisation.

Note: Only the borrowers who spend their debt will earn a share. Borrowers with unspent debt will not earn a share.

We recommend our borrowers to spend their debt across Jediswap and zkLend to multiply their rewards.

Claiming rewards

The first claim will happen on March 28th and users will be able to claim every 2 weeks.

Note: The STRK incentives are directly provided by the Starknet foundation and the protocol will distribute all those tokens to users based on the APR.

Update: DeFi Spring 2.0

We’re excited to share that Hashstack is part of DeFi Spring 2.0 by the Starknet Foundation! 🚀

The Starknet Foundation has allocated an additional 50M $STRK into their DeFi Spring campaign, bringing the total budget to an impressive 90M $STRK!

This initiative aims to support DeFi projects by providing additional yield to liquidity providers. The first round saw tremendous success, with 14.4M $STRK distributed to 14 protocols, reaching over 100,000 users and significantly increasing Starknet’s TVL.

By depositing into our protocol and other participating DeFi protocols, you can earn $STRK incentives. 💰 Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your yield!




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