Exploring Braavos wallet — An AMA with Motty(Co-founder, Braavos)


Motty’s Background [07:12]

Early days in Web3[08:55]

Conceptualising Braavos[18:00]

State of crypto wallets[25:45]

Self-custodial wallet solutions[28:25]

  1. Pure Software Solution.
  2. Hardware wallet.
  3. Smart contract based wallet.


Smart contract based

The problem with Seed phrases [32:00]

Proposed solution[33:25]

Why Starknet? [35:50]

On Starknet community. [38:20]

On Cairo? [39:30]

On challenges building Braavos [41:30]

On Securing Braavos[46:00]

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  2. Twitter: twitter.com/0xHashstack
  3. BUIDL with us: github.com/0xHashstack



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