DIVE — Decentralised Identity storage & verification.

DIVE Protocol

A decentralised know-your-customer[KYC] protocol. An innovative solution enabling decentralised user verification. This protocol is necessary to permit decentralized financial systems to process high-value transactions ensuring adherence to the AML regulations worldwide. DIVE can be built as a web application. Storing images on-chain is expensive. As a result, the DIVE web app stores the KYC data with renowned decentralized file storage service providers such as IPFS.

We are hiring

We are looking to onboard amazing talent who can help us meet our goals quicker. Below are some of the open positions at Hashstack.

  1. Front-end developer[React/Next].
  2. Technical writer.
  3. Community manager.

About Hashstack

Hashstack provides low-latent autonomous financial solutions to accelerate the adoption and usabiltiy of decentralised finance.



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